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From weightlifting to rock climbing and everything in between, grip strength is crucial to building strength and skill. With Abominable Gym Chalk, push your limits and set new personal records with the safe, natural grip enhancer. The premium powdered chalk is combined with organic essential oils to promote a naturally energized and invigorating workout. Perfect for athletes and trainers of all skill levels, the Abominable Gym Chalk is a gym necessity for growing stronger and enhancing grip strength.

Premium & All-Natural Formulation:

  • Pure Magnesium Carbonate: Abominable Gym Chalk Grip Enhancer is made from 100% pure magnesium carbonate to provide a stronger, long lasting grip for all activities. The pure formulation protects your hands from harmful added drying agents used in other lower quality chalks.
  • Infused With Invigorating Essential Oils: Enhance your performance during practice or training with a unique blend of organic essential oils that promote an energized workout. The invigorating scents come together to give you the natural boost you need to perform your best.
  • Premium Grip Enhancer: Improve your grip during weight training, gymnastics, rock climbing and more with premium powdered chalk that reduces sweat and moisture in the hands. Creating a non-slip grip for all surface types, the versatile gym chalk allows you to focus on form and performance without worrying about slipping or sliding around.
  • Suitable For All Levels: Weather you have trained to improve grip strength or are just starting out, the Abominable Gym Chalk is a great solution to your grip enhancer needs. Suitable for all skill levels, the grip chalk can be used by any level athlete or trainer.
  • Simple and Safe To Use: With an all-natural and chemical free formulation, the unique powdered chalk keeps your hands safe and healthy while improving grip. Simply place the grip chalk on your hands and enjoy the activities you love.

Why Use Chalk To Improve Grip?

Regardless of your skill level, we all begin to sweat during any workout or physical activity. Sweaty hands make it harder to hold onto weights or gym equipment, and in turn reduces your ability to maintain form and strength. Abominable Gym Chalk uses pure magnesium carbonate to absorb any moisture or sweat in the hands, allowing you to better grip weights, bars, or rock climbing holds!

How To Use:

  • Use the powdered chalk before and during rock climbing, intense lifting, or gymnastics
  • Cover the palms and fingertips with the grip enhancer chalk
  • Reapply when needed

Product Ingredients:

  • 100% Pure Magnesium Carbonate
  • Peppermint, Citrus, Cyprus, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree Organic Essential Oils

Package Includes:

1 Abominable Gym Chalk Grip Enhancer (1.5 oz)


Will the essential oils make my hands slippery?

No, the essential oils added are not oily, but rather powdered. Together with the magnesium carbonate, the essential oils promote a more energized workout while improving grip strength.

Will the powdered chalk dry out my hands?

While the gym chalk will temporarily absorb moisture to improve grip strength, it will not make your hands excessively dry or crack with long term use.

Can this be used in a chalk ball or bag?

Yes! If desired, the powdered chalk can be used in a chalk ball or bag.

Warning: This grip chalk may show you just how strong you really are!