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Ever wished you could save time by strengthening your hand, wrist, and forearm muscles while also building your biceps and brachialis? These cone grip arm wrestling bar attachments will do that, and more!

Conical Grips For Augmented, Multitasking Arm Wrestling Training

Bicep curls, bench-pressing and overhead presses — each of these exercises can be augmented just by adding cone grips to the bars. When you do, you recruit more muscle fibers, which bulks up the activated muscles, especially when you’re working your biceps and brachialis. At the same time, holding the then thicker bar works your hands, wrists and forearms, strengthening your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. And as an added bonus, the conical shape of these grips gives your little fingers a solid workout too.

This makes for the ultimate multitasked muscle-building workout that’s perfect for anyone wanting to bulk up and achieve more power and especially for arm wrestlers.

Cone Grip Arm Wrestling Training Tool Strengths

  • Ergonomically designed cone shape that recruits more muscle fibre in your biceps and brachialis, builds more muscle in your hands, wrists and forearms, and strengthens your little fingers all at the same time for a more efficient arm wrestling workout.
  • Made from durable rubber, so it’ll last through hundreds of hours of intense muscle-building training.
  • Non-slip rubber, so it won’t slip in your hands.

Pro Tip:

Our cone grips pair perfectly with our Ultimate Arm Wrestling Handle Set for a complete arm wrestling training regime. Use the arm wrestling handle set for dedicated hand and wrist strength training, and then supplement that with an additional grip strength and finger strength workout using cone grips every time you lift dumbbells and barbells at home or at the gym. (Note: ConeGrips do not fit on the Ultimate Set Base Handle but make a great companion training tool).

If you want to maximize the gains you get from every arm wrestling workout, our cone grips arm wrestling training tools will strengthen your biceps, brachialis, little fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm all at the same time.

Good To Know:

  • Material: durable, non-slip rubber
  • Size: the larger diameter is 2.75" and the smaller diameter is 2"
  • Made by Arm Sport in Israel