Cone Puller Training Tool - Armwrestling Hook Trainer

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The strength of your hook can make or break every arm wrestling competition you enter. This arm wrestling hook training handle will build the hand and forearm strength you need to dominate the field.

Maximize Your Arm Wrestling Power And Leverage

The first few seconds of any arm wrestling match can be won by a strong hook on its own or with a great top-roll. Unfortunately, improving your hook technique isn’t easy to do with standard gym equipment.

Enter the arm wrestling hook training handle.

Arm wrestling handles attach to weight machines, cable machines and loading pins to give you the resistance you need to efficiently build strength and power in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your hand, wrist, and forearms. And our cone-shaped hook training handle is then designed to specifically target those muscles, tendons, and ligaments you need to flawlessly perform an unbeatable hook technique.

With a metal core and in-built knurling, our hook training handle is a safe and comfortable tool for your arm wrestling training kit.

Hook Training Arm Wrestling Handle Strengths

  • Specifically designed to improve your hook technique, increasing your power and leverage.
  • Metal inner tube, so it’s strong and sturdy and will stand up to hundreds of hours of intense hook training.
  • Builtin knurled grip, so it won’t slip, tear up your hands or wear away after only a few uses.

Pro Tip:

This arm wrestling hook training tool is included in our Ultimate Arm Wrestling Handle Set for a complete arm wrestling training kit.

So if you want to win more arm wrestling bouts, this arm wrestling hook training handle will build the muscles you need to increase your power and leverage through the wonderful hook technique.

Good To Know

  • Material: high-density plastic with a stainless-steel core
  • Size: the upper diameter is 35 mm and the lower diameter is 70 mm
  • Strap length: 9"
  • Made by Arm Sport in Israel