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Add the Country Crush Two-Hand Revolving Handle into your current workout routine and experience increased grip strength and muscle endurance. Combining advanced two-hand training, an innovative minimal friction design, multiple sizes, and heavy duty durability, the professional Country Crush Two-Hand Revolving Handle is a great way to build grip strength. Use at the gym or with at home equipment for simple training that creates drastic results.

Revolving Handles Meet Dual Hand Training

  • Two-Hand Training: With an innovative design, Country Crush’s Two-Hand Revolving Handle allows you to train both hands simultaneously. Unlike any other revolving handle, the simultaneous training ability allows you to train grip strength in a variety of ways.
  • Innovative Design: Featuring a minimal friction design, the advanced revolving handle provides a difficult workout that aids in your grip strength building. Designed to take your grip training to the next level, the minimal friction design creates a challenging workout with each and every move.
  • Suitable For All Skill Levels: Whether you have just begun your grip strength journey or have already built up considerable strength, there is a revolving handle for you. With 6 different sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches, find a difficulty level that matches your unique training needs.
  • Heavy Duty Durability: Withstanding intense training sessions time and time again, Country Crush’s Two-Hand Revolving Handle is designed to uphold its strength, smooth rotation, and overall performance for years to come.

Who Uses a Revolving Handle?

Many different kinds of athletes and trainers choose to incorporate revolving handles into their workouts for premium grip strength training. Most often, weightlifters, arm wrestlers, rock climbers, boxers, and grip strength enthusiasts particularly like to train with revolving handles to improve their overall grip strength and athletic performance.

How To Use:

  • Consult a trainer before use for a specified workout
  • Attach the revolving handle to desired weights
  • Perform exercise using the handle
  • Repeat as needed for desired results

Available Sizes (Diameter):

  • Country Crush Frame Only
  • Baby Crush - 1.5" Grip
  • Mini Crush - 1.75" Grip
  • Country Crush - 2" Grip
  • Mega Crush - 2.5" Grip
  • Monster Crush - 3" Grip

Package Includes:

1 Country Crush Two-Hand Revolving Handle


What is a good size to start with?

Great question! While the size you need depends on your current skill level and training type, it is generally recommended to start with anywhere between a 1.5 and 2 inch diameter. From there, you can size up as your skill level progresses.

Can I take these to the gym or are they only meant for at-home use?

You can absolutely bring and use your revolving handle to commercial gyms to enhance your training. The simple attachment method allows you to use the gyms weights without causing damage to their equipment.

Are the grips interchangeable?

Yes. As you build grip strength, you can change out your current grips for larger ones to continue building strength.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Eat workout for your arms and forearms!!

Rusty Hoover
Must Have

Finally added this to my growing list of implements. This is a must have for any grip sport athlete. With various grips that can be used and swapped out without buying a whole new implement, Country Crush delivers on being challenging and versatile. I highly recommend it.


Awesome handle and a great workout !!

Danny Elder
Amazing Results

I have only been using this product for a couple of weeks but I can already tell a difference in my forearms and my grip strength. I have left it at my gym for others to try and everyone has said it is worth every penny.

Thomas Gratton
If you don't have it get it !!

This 2 " handle is amazing!!! You will get stronger using it !! Worth every penny !