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Take your arm training to the next level utilizing fat bar training with Fat Gripz Pro Series and Extreme Series. By adding thickness to any dumbbell or barbell, Fat Gripz allows you to build grip strength and muscle without redesigning your training routine. Perfect for home gyms or public gyms, the easy to use, portable, and highly durable Fat Gripz are the best way to build arm muscle fast.

Ultimate Gym Accessory for Grip Strength and Arm Muscle:

Easy To Use: Take your workouts to the next level without complex learning curves or extensive research. Simply slide the Fat Gripz over any barbell or dumbbell to increase grip strength and arm strength.

Highly Portable: Toss into your gym bag and move from rack to rack with the easy to install/remove, highly portable Fat Gripz. Made to accompany you on any arm day adventure, the durable Fat Gripz can be taken to any gym to create thick bar training without purchasing all new equipment.

Fits Your Fitness Routine: The simple Fat Gripz can be implemented into any current arm workout routine. By just sliding the Fat Gripz onto any barbell or dumbbell, turn your average arm workouts into intense grip strength and muscle building workouts.

Improves Grip Strength and Arm Muscle: Fat bar training is known as the shortcut to larger arms. By simply adding Fat Gripz into your current routine, you immediately increase grip difficulty that activates muscles throughout the arm during each workout.

A Design for Every Goal: Reach your specific grip strength or arm muscle goals with a choice of Fat Gripz Pro Series or Extreme. Whether you are an avid lifter looking to build arm muscle quickly, or a pro strength athlete looking to increase grip strength, the Fat Gripz have an option that allows you to optimize thick bar training to reach your unique goals.

Fat Gripz Pro Series vs. Fat Gripz Extreme Series

Fat Gripz offer two levels of grip strength training:

One Series Fat Grips

The One Series is a fat grip with a diameter of 1.75 inches and are best used for intro think grip training to build arm and hand strength. Best used with all exercises to thicken up the bar for training, the Fat Gripz One Series are best for all lifters and athletes looking to add thick bar training to their workouts.

Pro Series Fat Grips

The Pro Series offer fat grips with a diameter of 2.25 inches and are best used for targeted arm training to build arm muscle. Best used with exercises like bicep curls and axle bar training, the Fat Gripz Pro Series are best for avid lifters looking to add difficulty to their current workouts.

Fat Gripz Extreme Series

The Extreme Series offer a fat grip diameter of 2.75 inches and are best used for specialized grip training of pro strength athletes. Best used with farmers walks, dumbbell holds and other strongman exercises, the Fat Gripz Extreme are best for pro athletes looking to max their grip strength.

Why Fat Bar Training?

Build grip strength and muscle in your arms by adding Fat Gripz into your current workout routine. Made to slip onto any barbell and most dumbbells, the Fat Gripz force you to grip harder during each exercise. By gripping harder, all the muscles in your arm have to work harder and stay engaged for longer. Ultimately, this increases both your grip strength as well as builds arm muscle. The Fat Gripz are the ideal way to take your training to the next level without radically changing your workout style!

How To Use:
- Place the Fat Gripz onto any barbell or dumbbell by opening up the side slit and placing it around the bar or handle.
- Perform arm workouts as normal while gripping the Fat Gripz instead of the bar.
- Remove from the bar and pack with you for every workout.

Product Specifics:

One Series
Diameter: 1.75 In
Length: 5 In
Weight: .75 lbs

Pro Series
Diameter: 2.25 In
Length: 5 In
Weight: 1.5 lbs

Extreme Series
Diameter: 2.75 In
Length: 5 In
Weight: 2.25 lbs

Package Includes: 1 set of 2 Fat Gripz (One Series, Pro Series, or Extreme Series)


How much do the Fat Gripz weigh?
- The Fat Gripz weigh between .75 and 2.25 lbs and are made from nearly indestructible materials.

Will my Fat Gripz spin around the bar?
- No. Crafted from heavy duty rubber, the Fat Gripz are made to stay in-place when used on properly sized dumbbells and barbells.

How do I know which size to get?
- If you are uncertain, it is recommended to start with the Fat Gripz One Series. The Pro Series Fat Gripz are the most popular size. The Extreme Fat Gripz are mainly made for pro athletes that already have built up some serious grip strength.