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Train your grip strength, rehabilitate your hand’s movement, and create the perfect balanced hand grip exercise with the simple and convenient GripSaver Plus. By training both extension and grip strength, the innovative grip trainer is ideal for rock climbers, lifters, and those who often work with their hands. It’s simple, easy use and highly portable design makes it the perfect device for every strength level.

Complete Extension and Flex Hand Grip Exercise

  • Extension Training: Unlike many other grip strength equipment, the GripSaver plus allows you to easily train your hands grip extension. By spreading your fingers as far out as possible with the band, the extension movement trains the fine muscles that run through your fingers, forearm, and elbow for a complete workout.
  • Flexion Strength Training: Train extension and flex with the same GripSaver Plus to create a well-balanced workout. Flex grip strength improves your ability to hold wide bars, rock climbing holds, and strengthens the forearm muscles.
  • Simple & Easy To Use: Create the ideal hand grip exercise with simple gear that requires little to no learning curve. Simply insert your fingers into the holes, extend your hand as far as possible, and squeeze the inner ball for a complete extension and flex hand grip exercise.
  • Highly Portable: The small and lightweight design allows the grip trainer to be packed with you anywhere for a quick and easy hand grip exercise. Great for warmups before lifting or climbing, the highly portable grip trainer is easy to carry and store.
  • Suitable For All Skill Levels: Designed to meet the unique needs of every athlete, the GripSaver Plus comes in three levels of difficulty. Choose to start with just one or order the full set of three to build your grip strength to the max.

Why Train Grip Extension and Flexion?

Equal training throughout the body is key to better, balanced performance. Similar to how you wouldn’t train biceps without also training triceps, grip strength is trained both in extension and flex. By training both, your hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms will become stronger in a balanced way that increases overall performance in lifting, rock climbing, and more.

Great For Rehabilitation:

Ease back into daily movements with the GripSaver Plus that allows you to rebuild strength and relieve pain in the wrists, elbows and fingers. The lightest strength (blue) is ideal for recovery and preventative workouts to target various mild conditions.

How To Use:

  • Insert your fingers and thumb into the finger slots
  • Extend your fingers and thumb as far as possible
  • Squeeze the ball as hard as possible
  • Repeat until satisfied or desired repetitions are complete

Package Includes:

  • 1 GripSaver Plus - Extension & Flex Grip Trainer by Metolius
  • 1 Instruction Guide

Available in three different levels of firmness:

  • Soft (Blue)
  • Medium (Red)
  • Hard (Orange)


Can children use the GripSaver Plus?

Yes! Young athletes can use the GripSaver Plus to train, rehabilitate, and strengthen their grip for various activities and competitive sports. It is recommended to start with the lightest difficulty (blue) to begin training.

Does it come with all three balls or just one?

You can choose to order the full set (all three difficulties) or buy only one color.

Is the resistance provided by the ball or the band?

The resistance for extension comes from the band as it stretches. The ball is there to squish for flexion strength.


Customer Reviews

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larry ledeboer
GripSaver Plus exceptional versatility

The GripSaver Plus is versatile as it works extensors and flexors with one tool.
The three levels of difficulty are another advantage because they provide a progressive overload mode of training the hand, wrist and forearm.
Finally the portability and quietness are both important positives.