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Train your finger, wrist, hand, and arm muscles with the innovative Sidewinder Pro Xtreme Wrist Roller. Combining adjustable resistance, long lasting calibration, a thick 2 inch diameter, and versatile training, the unique grip strengthener is the ultimate addition to any workout. Designed for lifters, rock climbers, arm wrestlers, grip strength enthusiasts and more, the innovative wrist roller builds grip strength like never before.

Resistance Training Meets Thick Grip Training

  • Adjustable Resistance: Find the perfect resistance difficulty for your unique needs with quick and simple adjusting. Whether you want to create a warmup, hard core workout, or rehabilitate injured muscles, the advanced wrist roller allows you to choose the perfect resistance level for every occasion.
  • Long Term Calibration: Guaranteed to maintain your chosen resistance level after countless revolutions, the heavy duty grip strengthener provides premium grip training time and time again.
  • Thick 2 Inch Diameter: Combining both fat bar training and resistance training, the premium wrist roller creates the ultimate grip strength workout. A thick 2 inch diameter requires your hand and wrist to contract harder for each revolution, building grip strength with every move.
  • Versatile Training: Use the Pro Xtreme Wrist Roller in a variety of ways to create a diverse, well rounded grip strength workout. Twist the wrist roller out in front of you, over the head, behind your back and more to train all the muscles in your fingers, hands, wrists, and arms.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Backed by a full lifetime warranty, train in confidence knowing that your Sidewinder Pro Xtreme Wrist Roller will keep up with your rigorous training time and time again.

Why Train Grip Strength?

Whether you are an avid lifter, boxer, arm wrestler, gymnast, or rock climber, grip strength can aid in your overall training and performance in a variety of ways. For example, rock climbers and gymnasts can better hold onto bars or rock holds to improve their performance and avid weightlifters can hold onto weight better, allowing them to increase the amount of weight they train with.

How To Use:

  • Turn the dial to select the desired resistance level
  • Grip the wrist twister on either side
  • Turn the wrist twister back and forth
  • Repeat until desired

Package Includes:

1 Sidewinder Pro Xtreme Wrist Roller


Do the rubber grips wear out quickly?

No, the rubber grips withstand constant long term use and provide a comfortable grip for each workout.

What is the lowest setting it allows?

The dial can be adjusted all the way down to 0 pounds (no resistance) for a warmup or rehabilitation.

Is the device quiet or does it make a ratcheting noise?

For the most part the wrist twister is silent. On occasion, it may make a light clicking noise with each revolution, but that is rare.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Smith
Great Quality!!

Best forearm training on the market!

Torst Trenka
Quality engineering.

Beautifully crafted and a burning workout. I see many years of quality abuse!
Gripstrength service was sensational on all fronts. Cheers.