Stainless Steel ArmSport Base Handle

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Want to use your WristMax with a handle or need a spare handle for faster equipment changeovers? This stainless-steel arm wrestling base handle works with all our arm wrestling handle attachments.

A Safe And Durable Foundation For Your Arm Wrestling Training Kit

Our WristMax Eccentric Handle is a truly awesome arm wrestling training tool by itself and adding a stainless-steel arm wrestling base handle can take your power, strength, and flexibility to the next level.

Also, while all our arm wrestling handle attachments are super easy to attach to a base handle, having a spare one can mean you can more quickly switch between two workouts to improve your endurance.

The quality stainless-steel construction makes this handle durable and safe to use. There’s no better match for our handle attachments.

Arm Wrestling Base Handle Strengths

  • Fits all our arm wrestling handle attachments, so you never need to worry about compatibility issues.
  • Made from stainless steel, so it’s strong and sturdy and will stand up to hundreds of hours of intense arm wrestling training.
  • Features three holes for attaching it to a weight machine, cable ma-chine or loading pin, so you can customize your setup to your exact needs.

Pro Tip:

This base handle pairs with our WristMax Eccentric Handle for a more comprehensive arm wrestling and grip strength workout. It also pairs with all other ArmSport arm wrestling handle attachment we offer, so you’ll never have to wonder whether a particular piece is compatible.

So if you want to take your arm wrestling training or grip strength to the next level, our stainless-steel arm wrestling base handle pairs with all our handle attachments for the ultimate arm wrestling workout.

Good To Know:

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Made by Arm Sport in Israel