Wood Grips II Deluxe Training Board

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Metolius has been in the rock climbing game for almost 20 years. Their training boards are the best in the business. The newly updated Deluxe wood hangboard is as skin friendly as it's compact little brother and equally as good for improving endurance, finger strength, and hand strength - you just have more options. You don't have to be a rock climber to benefit from hangboard training. It only takes 10-30 minutes, a couple of times a week to see serious grip improvement.

Deluxe Wood Grips Hangboard

Wood training boards have grown in popularity and look great everywhere. The large variety of holds gives you everything you need in a very space efficient piece of equipment. The jugs, pockets, slopes, and edges of this hangboard provide you with variety and the difficulty level you're looking for.

Each Deluxe Hangboard Includes mounting hardware, instructions, and a training guide.

Deluxe Hangbard Dimensions: 24” x 8.5” (610 mm x 216 mm)

Color: Natural Wood