GripSaver Plus - Grip and Extensor Trainer

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Maximize your hand health and grip strength with this all-in-one grip training tool. Balance out all of the crushing and squeezing you do. This tool is great for preventative work as well as rehab for your fingers, elbows and forearms. The GripSaver Plus gives you the most natural movement and range of motion out there.

Where Did The GripSaver Plus Trainer Come From?

Originally designed by Dr. Terry Zachary for rock climbers but is a great tool for all sports that require a strong grip and grip specific training. Just like you wouldn't only want to train your biceps while skipping triceps, make sure you don't only train your hand's flexor muscles and neglect your extensors muscles.

Instructions are included.

Available in three different levels of firmness:

  • Soft (Blue)
  • Medium (Red)
  • Hard (Orange)

Available individually or in a set.