How To Lift The Inch — Video Training Course by Jedd Johnson

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Are you a fan of old-time feats of strength, but don't know where to start? Or are you eager to build a rock-solid grip to improve your arm wrestling, lifting power and athleticism? Either way, the moment you finally lift the Inch you'll feel a rush of adrenaline so huge that you'll be buzzing for the rest of the week. Jedd Johnson's tailored video training course is your ticket to feeling the thrill of overcoming the impossible — so buy your access code today and get training!

Build incredible grip strength (and  good technique) with this highly impressive, old-time strongmanship feat — Diesel Crew’s course will help you get this wide-handled weight off the floor faster than you thought possible!

‘Lifting the Inch’ is one of the most notoriously difficult feats performed by the old-school strongman, and a popular goal for grip athletes. Whether you’re a grip strength fanatic or just getting started on your journey, by training to lift The Inch you’ll be joining an elite club of athletes and gaining an iron-force grip to be envied. This training video course from grip expert Jedd Johnson will give you all the knowledge you need to raise this 172 pound beast off the ground.

What’s The Inch and why should I try to lift it?

The Thomas Inch dumbbell, often just known as ‘The Inch’, weighs 172 pounds and has a very thick handle which makes it extremely difficult to hold on to without a vice-like grip. As such, lifting The Inch has become a signature move of the classically-inspired strongman as well as a go-to training regime for grip athletes wanting to improve their technique.

Training for this feat will massively improve your overall hand, forearm, wrist and finger strength, allow you to finesse your wide grip, and give you the mentality you need to become a successful grip athlete.

Where do I start?

Lifting The Inch isn’t just a case of building incredible grip strength. Your method and mentality will have a huge impact on your odds of winning the battle against this monster. Understanding the best technique for a wide, heavy grip lift like this takes time and practice, and the best way to reach your goals fast is with expert advice. With professional guidance, you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls that plague the novice strongman, and learn the best possible techniques and training methods to lift The Inch. This video course is created and presented by grip expert Jedd Johnson, so it’s the perfect resource if you’ve set your eyes on this ambitious goal.

Why should I choose this course?

Lifting The Inch is an iconic feat of modern strongmanship. But it’s also a way for you to build incredible grip strength, mental stamina, and learn techniques that you’ll use again and again throughout your personal training. This video course will give you everything you need to be able to tackle this formidable goal.

Get Expert Advice

On your quest to lift The Inch and forge a rock solid grip, you’ll quickly discover that strength is just one of the qualities you need to succeed. Your mentality, training method and lifting technique are all equally important aspects of this challenge, and Jedd Johnson of Diesel Crew is the perfect personal trainer to make sure you ace all of them. Jedd is a highly experienced grip expert, and a five-time North American Grip Sport Champion. He has a long track record lifting The Inch, and he can help you reach your target as fast as possible, while avoiding injuries and perfecting your technique.

Develop Grip Strength to be Envied

Not only will lifting a Thomas Inch dumbbell make you feel on top of the world, it’s also a feat of strength that’s recognized around the world as a sign of incredible grip and dedication to your training. The forearm, hand, wrist and finger strength you can gain from training with a wide grip and extremely solid weight like this is applicable to all other aspects of your workout or sport — whether it’s heavyweight wrestling or weekend golf.

Join the Halls of History

The Thomas Inch dumbbell is one of the most iconic tools of the traditional strongman — from its beginnings in the 1900’s to its appearance in competitions today. If you’re a fan of old-school feats of strength, there’s no better way for you to join the ranks of history’s pioneering weightlifters.

Pro Tip

Don't have access to an Inch dumbbell of your own right now? No problem. The FatGripz bar training accessory is a portable, simple to use device that adds thickness to a regular dumbbell — so it's perfect to train with as you work towards tackling the official Inch. Grab one from our store to use at home or chuck in your gym bag for use wherever you train.

With your purchase you will gain access to a customized 'How To Lift The Inch' training video course that includes:

Twelve Training Videos

Content Includes:

  • Introduction to The Inch

  • Understanding lifting technique

  • How to place your grip — suggestions and alternatives

  • Multiple training drills with demonstrations

  • Understanding paradoxical loading and radiant tension

  • Introduction to additional tools

  • Advice on programming reps and sets

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Once you purchase your course access, you'll be given the ability to watch your unlocked content online through Vimeo, meaning that you can up-skill from anywhere at any time — at home or in the gym.

Good to Know

This strength training course consists of eleven core videos plus a short introduction, created and presented by grip strength expert Jedd Johnson. Each video is between 2-27 minutes long, and can be watched online from anywhere via Vimeo.

After purchase, you will receive an email from the author giving you access to the videos, which you can either access on-the-go or watch from home.

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