Wood Grips II Compact Training Board

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With nearly twenty years in the rock climbing and hangboard business, Metolius Climbing creates the best training boards around. These newly updated wood hangboards are very skin friendly (they don't tear up your fingers and hands) and are one of the best ways to improve your grip strength, finger strength, and endurance - even if you are not a rock climber. 

Compact Wood Hangboard by Metolius

These popular wood training boards work perfect in any room or above any door. The large assortment of holds makes it the best bang for your buck as well as a very space efficient training tool. The many slopers, pockets, edges, and jugs give you variety for training as well as increasing levels of difficulty.

Each training board Includes instructions and mounting hardware as well as a hangboard training guide.

Compact Hangbard Dimensions: 24” x 6.2” (610 mm x 157 mm)

Color: Natural Wood