Ultimate Arm Wrestling Training Equipment Set with UltraGrip

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If you're ready to dominate the competition and incorporate professional arm-wrestling techniques into your regular workout, this set of handles is the all-in-one product you need to thrash your opponents. Get yours now.

Get three of the most effective arm-wrestling training tools in one package, including the brand new UltraGrip handle.

As an arm-wrestler, you need unique skills and strengths including powerful forearms, a crushing grip, muscular wrists, stamina and flexibility. But to build these traits you'll need to do more than pump iron. ArmSport is the industry leader in arm-wrestling training handles and attachments, and with this package you'll get three of the most popular and effective training grips that are perfect for using wherever you go.

  • UltraGrip: This is a brand-new invention from ArmSport that is the most effective eccentric grip for arm-wrestling training. It allows you to perform multiple exercises using the base attachment with the three different holes. The first hole trains your fingertips and wrist, the second trains back pressure, and the third focuses on side pressure. This handle attachment comes with a strap.

  • Conical grip: Training with a cone-shaped grip will recruit more muscle fibers to your workout, especially in the biceps and brachialis. Use this attachment to build bigger and stronger arms, and to switch-up the width of your grip.

  • 60mm/70mm offset grip: This is the go-to. The OG. The traditional eccentric handle attachment that strengthens all of the the basic power-generating muscles that you'll be using most when competing, including your biceps, wrists and forearms. The offset grip comes with a strap as well.

The set also comes with the standardized metal base that fits all products in this series.

What can the UltraGrip arm wrestling training equipment set can do for your arm-wrestling?

  • Light and portable: Chuck these handle attachments in your gym bag and use them wherever you go. These grips are easy to use and quick to attach, meaning you can incorporate them into your workout with minimum fuss and make the most of your time.

  • Designed for arm-wrestlers: We know that arm wrestling is a unique sport, and we know that means you need unique training tools. These handles are designed specifically with your workout needs in mind, and will give you the upper edge not just in your competition, but across all other aspects of your training.

  • Perfect for all grip athletes: While these tools were specifically designed for arm wrestling, the muscle they build is perfect for all grip athletes.

  • Innovative Product! The UltraGrip handle is a new take from ArmSport that is incredibly effective at training all aspects of your fingers, hand, wrist and forearm strength. If you haven't tried it before, prepare to be impressed.

 Pro Tip

If you want to improve your wrist flexion and pronation, the WristBall trainer from ArmSport pairs perfectly with this arm wrestling handle set. It's a better alternative than strap training and can be used with heavier weights. Add one to your kit to improve your hooking and top-roll techniques.

What's Included?

  • Base Handle: Stainless Steel

  • Conic Shaped Grip: Smaller Diameter 35mm, Larger Diameter 70mm

  • Offset Grip w/ Strap: 60mm or 70mm

  •  UltraGrip w/ Strap

Good to Know

  • All of these grips come in lightweight, durable, 3D printed red plastic and should be used with the base handle.

  • The base handle is made of 100% stainless steel with an electrostatic coating.

  • Made in Israel by ArmSport.

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Randy Mahan

Great product, better quality then expected, massive forearm pump!!


complete and specific equipment