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More comfortable than strap training and with the ability to add heavier weights, the WristBall is the best dedicated training tool for improving your wrist strength.

Superior Wrist Strength Training For Serious Arm Wrestlers

For years serious arm wrestlers used strap training to increase the strength in their wrists. But it’s not the most comfortable way to train and the amount of weight you can add is limited.

WristBall is the superior alternative to strap training. It’s much more comfortable to hold in your hand, and you can add more weight to really ramp up your strength.

This single tool provides everything you need to improve your wrist strength and rapidly improve your hooking and top-roll techniques, so you can quickly dominate every arm wrestling match you enter.

The Wrist Roller Strengths

  • Specifically designed to increase your wrist strength (especially rising, pronation and supination strength) and improve your hook and top-roll techniques, so you can improve your arm wrestling abilities as fast as possible.
  • Made from high-density plastic, so it’s strong and durable and will stand up to hundreds of hours of intense wrist strength training.
  • Ball-shaped grip, which makes it far more comfortable to hold than traditional straps.

Pro Tip:

WristBall pairs perfectly with our Ultimate Arm Wrestling Handle Set to really level up your arm wrestling training regime. Use the WristBall for dedicated wrist strength training, and then supplement that with additional grip strength workouts using the tools in our ultimate arm wrestling kit.

So if you want to improve your arm wrestling abilities as fast as possible, WristBall is the dedicated tool you need to rapidly improve your wrist strength, wrist flexion and pronation and supination strength.

Good To Know:

  • Size: 65 mm Diameter
  • Materials: durable, high-density red silicone ball, super soft yet strong polyester strap, stainless steel D-ring
  • Strap length: 14"
  • Max Load: 175 lbs (80 kg)
  • Made by Arm Sport in Israel