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The Wrist Roller is the best wrist wrench for grip strength, cupping (wrist flexion), pronation and supination training. Perfect for arm wrestling, powerlifting, arm lifting, grip sport and more. If you want to improve your grip strength, this is the tool for you.

The Best Wrist Wrench To Improve Your Grip Strength

Serious athletes need the right tools, so they can train their bodies for peak performance. Athletes who rely on grip strength are no different.
As an arm wrestler, grip strength athlete (including grip sport and arm lifting), powerlifter, or other kind of athlete that relies on good grip strength, you need a reliable tool to help you strengthen not just the muscles in your hand, arm and shoulder, but the tendons and ligaments too. And you need something for both static holds and dynamic movements. The Wrist Roller is the best wrist wrench tool for all this and more.

The Wrist Roller is specifically designed to help you strengthen all muscles, tendons, and ligaments you use when competing in grip strength sports.
For example, cupping, or wrist flexion — where you bend your wrist inwards — is the most important movement in arm wrestling, and the Wrist Roller is the perfect tool to help you improve that movement. It’ll also help you increase the strength of your grip. As an arm wrestler or grip strength athlete, you’ll also need to be able to supinate (turn your palm to face up) and pronate (turn your palm to face down) your hand and then hold that position for long periods of time. The Wrist Roller will enable you to safely and efficiently train both positions, so you can outlast all your opponents.

This wrist wrench is also designed to last, with quality and price hav-ing been prioritized when it was designed.

This affordable hand and wrist training tool is made from stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. And detailed knurling (where a pattern is rolled directly into the metal) means it won’t slip when you’re training with it. Importantly, unlike other products on the market, the grip isn’t made from sandpaper, which would tear up your hands, and it’s not painted on, so it won’t rub or flake off over time.

The Wrist Roller is, quite simply, the best made, most affordable and most effective wrist wrench you can find.

The Wrist Roller Strengths:

  • Specifically designed for arm wrestling, powerlifting and grip strength sports, so it’ll train and strengthen all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments you use when competing — it’ll improve your grip, wrist flexion (cupping), pronation and supination, using static grips and dynamic movements.
  • Made from stainless steel, so it’s strong and sturdy and will stand up to hundreds of hours of intense grip strength training.
  • Detailed, builtin knurled grip, so it won’t slip, tear up your hands or wear away after only a few uses.

Pro Tip:

The Wrist Roller pairs perfectly with our Fat Gripz Thick Bar Training Accessory to really level up your grip strength training regime. Use the Wrist Roller for dedicated hand and wrist strength training, and then supplement that with an additional grip strength workout every time you lift dumbbells and barbells at home or at the gym (Note: Fat Gripz do not fit on the Wrist Roller but make a great companion training tool).

So if you want to improve your arm wrestling powerlifting or grip sport game, the Wrist Roller will improve your grip strength, wrist flexion and pronation and supination strength. Get yours now.

Good To Know:

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: 11" long with a diameter of 2.35" (60mm)
  • Strap length: 12"
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Made by Arm Sport in Israel

Customer Reviews

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Greg Williams
Wrist Strength

So I’m constantly looking for equipment to help me improve my grip and forearm strength. This has been an excellent piece of equipment. I love it and carry it with me to the gym because it’s lightweight. Thank you!