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So if you're looking to take your grip strength training to the next level, Country Crush Loading Pins are your essential tools, allowing you to customize your grip strength training tools for your optimal training regime. Add weight, add challenge, add progress.


Comes in Two Sizes:

15" Olympic Loading Pin

12" Standard Loading Pin

*If you need a carabiner, make sure to select the "with Carabiner" option.

Robust Design for Serious Athletes

Country Crush Loading Pins are meticulously designed to meet the needs of arm wrestlers, grip sport athletes, and anyone serious about enhancing their grip strength. These pins are the cornerstone of a versatile and intense training regimen, allowing for precise weight adjustments with standard weight plates and maximum training efficiency. Compatible with Country Crush Handles and Raptor Handles, these are multipurpose additions to any strength-training toolkit.

Versatility Across Skill Levels

No matter your starting strength, you can use these pins with one or more weight plates and tailor your workout regime to help you achieve your goals in the minimum amount of time. There are even two sizes, to allow you to further customize your training tools.

Built to Last

The durable construction of these Country Crush Loading Pins ensures they can endure the demands of intense and frequent training sessions for years to come. Buy once and reap the benefits for the rest of your life!

Ease of Use

These Loading Pins feature a hole that's perfectly sized for a chunky carabiner, providing a hassle-free way to quickly adjust weights and attach your loading pins to your Country Crush or Raptor Handle. And to make things even easier, if you don't have a suitable carabiner, we offer bundles that include a carabiner.

Why Country Crush Loading Pins are Essential

  • Versatility for all levels: Suitable for beginner hobbyists to elite athletes across a spectrum of experience, these Loading Pins will allow you to customize your tools to your exact needs and strength (and they're compatible with Country Crush and Raptor Handles, making them doubly versatile)

  • Durable construction: Built to withstand rigorous training sessions, ensuring reliability over the long-term

  • Easy attachment: A simple carabiner makes attaching your Loading Pins to your chosen handle incredibly quick and easy, so changing weights and getting set up will never interfere with the flow of your workout

  • Two sizes: We offer both 15-inch Olympic pins and 12-inch Standard pins, so you can use Olympic and standard weight plates


Question: How do I attach weights to the loading pins?
Answer: Simply detach your carabiner, slide weight plates onto the pin and then reattach the carabiner. It couldn’t be easier.

Question: Can both the Olympic and Standard pins be used with any weight plate?
Answer: The 15" Olympic pin is compatible with Olympic weights, while the 12" Standard pin fits standard weights.

Question: What handles are these loading pins compatible with?
Answer: These Country Crush Loading Pins are designed to be used with the Country Crush Handles and Raptor Handles, so they're highly versatile.

Pro tip

Want to take your workouts to the next level? Couple your Country Crush Loading Pins with Country Crush Grips in a variety of sizes to work extra muscle groups and increase the challenge.

What’s included?

  • One Country Crush Loading Pin in the size of your choice

  • The bundle packs also include a high-quality carabiner

Good to know

  • Sizes: Available in 12" Standard and 15" Olympic Sizes

  • Material: Powder-Coated Steel

  • Manufacturer: Country Crush

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