Country Crush Revolving Handle

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Country Crush has developed a revolving weight lifting handle that trains both hands simultaneously. The Country Crush Handle is a necessity for anyone training grip, forearms, finger strength, and deadlift. It is also a great training tool for rehabilitation. This versatile tool is the smoothest revolving handle on the market and will take your grip and finger strength training to the next level.

Why Use The Country Crush Rolling Handle?

There are several rolling grip handles out there but the Country Crush double rolling handle has a tried and true minimal friction design that makes it more difficult and effective allowing you to take your arm and hand strength training to a new level of difficulty.

The Country Crush Handle comes in several handle thicknesses. From 1.5 inches all the way up to 4 inches, this handle does it all. This tool is high quality and has proven to stand the test of time. It is used all over the world by athletes in all disciplines including: strongman, arm wrestling, grip sport to name a few.

Available Handle Diameters:

Baby Crush - 1.5" Grips
Mini Crush - 1.75" Grips
Country Crush - 2" Grips
Mega Crush - 2.5" Grips
Monster Crush - 3" Grips
Colossal Crush - 4" Grips (Coming Soon)