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Whether you are just starting your grip strength journey or have been training for years, the Heavy Grips have a resistance level that meets your unique needs. With six different strengths, precision crafting, high durability, and easy use, the innovative hand strengtheners are the best way to increase grip strength fast. Perfect for at home or in gym use, the heavy duty hand grips are a must have for building grip strength.

Designed For Premium Performance

  • Easy & Efficient Use: Improve your grip strength with simple and convenient hand grips during training or while relaxing. The simple squeezing movement of the heavy grips develops grip strength better than any other equipment or workout.
  • Suitable For All Levels: Whether you have been training your grip strength for years or are just starting out, the Heavy Grips are the perfect next step in your training. With six different resistance weights ranging from 100 to 350 pounds, find a strength that fits your specific skill level.
  • Highly Durable: Featuring high quality materials and premium craftsmanship, train with the heavy duty hand grips time and time again. Made to withstand constant use or trips to the gym, you can confidently improve your grip strength with the hand grips anywhere and anytime.
  • Premium Grip Strength Enhancement: Improving strength like no other, the Heavy Grips provide an easy and convenient way to train. Used by professionals and beginners, the simple hand strengtheners are the most efficient way to improve overall grip strength and set personal records.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Train in confidence and push your personal limits knowing that your heavy grips are covered with a full lifetime warranty.

Why Strengthen Your Grip?

Grip strength is the ability to hold and maintain a hold on a weight, bar, or other surface. By increasing grip strength, you can train with heavier weights to better build your overall strength or muscle mass.

How To Use:

  • Hold the heavy grip in one hand with one bar by the thumb and the other by the fingers
  • Squeeze the heavy grip handles together as hard as you can
  • Release
  • Repeat until failure or when desired

6 Levels Of Hand Strengtheners:

Heavy Grip 100 lb. Gripper

Start here to get on the path to a stronger grip.

Heavy Grip 150 lb. Gripper

You're grip is starting to get strong.

Heavy Grip 200 lb. Gripper

This is a strong grip, you should be proud.

Heavy Grips 250 lb. Gripper

If you can close the 250, you have a very strong grip.

Heavy Grip 300 lb. Gripper

Closing this gripper puts you into the elite grip category.

Heavy Grip 350 lb. Gripper

This gripper proves you have one of the strongest hands on the planet!

Strength Enhancing Discount Packs:

  1. Set of 2 Grippers (100 lb & 150 lb)
  2. Set of 2 Grippers (200 lb & 250 lb)
  3. Set of 2 Grippers (300 lb & 350 lb)
  4. Set of 3 Grippers (100 lb, 150 lb, 200 lb)
  5. Set of 3 Grippers (250 lb, 300 lb, 350 lb)
  6. Set of 6 Grippers (One of Each Gripper)


I’m a beginner, what weight should I start with?

The best weight to start with is the 100 lbs. This will allow you to begin your strength training without jeopardizing form or overloading the muscles.

What’s the ring at the top for?

The ring at the top is the spring that provides resistance. Fingers or hands should not be inserted in the ring during use.

Do they come in sets of two or one?

Each package comes with one gripper to train one hand at a time. The two packs come with 1 gripper of each size chosen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ken Beckerman
Are these tested?

I am a 70 year old male that had been using a 90 lb hand gripper. Ordered the 100 and 150. Found them to be no more difficult than the 90 I had been using. Am impressed with the design of these.

Jason C.
Exceeded expectations

Was recovering from something and bought a few different brands and this one activated my forearms and hands like no other, I didn’t expect it and it’s helped a lot