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Do you want to show you're serious about having a strong grip? If you're at all familiar with the world of grip strength athletes, you'll know that lifting the blob is a benchmark when it comes to feats of grip strength. And if you want to be top of your game at arm wrestling, rock climbing, or weightlifting, then having a cast iron grip is critical. Get your copy of Jedd Johnson’s specialized ‘Lift The Blob’ training package now to immediately access everything you need to know to increase your strength, improve your technique, and join the halls of blob glory.

Everything you need to know to tackle the beast that is The Blob and build an iron-strong grip.

One of the most-aspired to feats for a grip athlete is to successfully lift a 50 pound block weight known as ‘the blob’. If you want to become a grip athlete, being able to lift the blob is your passport to an exclusive club of strongmen and women. Lifting this notoriously difficult weight is also an incredibly effective way of building your grip strength and improving your wide pinching technique for a whole range of other activities, from arm wrestling to rock climbing. This downloadable training package contains a trove of knowledge, drills, photos, techniques and exercises to take lifting the blob from being your dream to your reality.

What’s the blob and why should I try to lift it?

Back in the 70’s, pioneering grip strength icon Richard Sorin saw one end of a broken New York 100 pound dumbbell and thought “I’m gonna lift that.” Little did he know that he’d just invented one of the most iconic challenges of the grip strength world. Lifting the blob requires hand, wrist, finger and forearm strength, but it also requires excellent technique. As such, training to lift the blob will massively improve your overall grip strength, hone your wide pinch grip, and make other forms of lifting feel like a breeze.

How do I get started?

Being able to lift the blob doesn’t just require incredible grip strength, it also requires proper technique, so you can get the best possible lock on the weight. The best way to learn this style of grip is from an expert. But what’s the point of good technique if you haven’t built up all of the muscles to apply it? How can you work towards the strengt you need to get this monster off the ground? Once again, this is where it’s time to ask a pro who can recommend a tried and tested training program that’ll get you from blob-on-the-floor to let’s-lift-the-blob-some-more in just 8 weeks.

Why should I choose this blob-living course?

If you want to show that you’re ready to play with the big boys, then it’s time to max out your grip strength and get ready to lift the blob. Along the way, you’ll build the muscle strength, flexibility and techniques that will supercharge all other aspects of your training - from arm wrestling drills through to pull-ups. If you’re looking for a benchmark test of grip strength, this is it.

Learn From the Best

Jedd Johnson of Diesel Crew is a highly experienced grip expert, and a five-time North American Grip Sport Champion. He has trained many aspiring grip athletes on their quest to lift the blob, and he understands better than anyone that this feat is just as much about technique and proper training as it is about grip strength. 

Build and Compare Your Grip Strength

Having a powerful grip is obviously crucial if you’re a grip athlete or arm wrestler, but it’s also essential if you want to be able to lift more, throw further, grasp things tighter, or generate more power in your upper body. Training to lift the blob is as much about the journey as the destination, as you’ll develop incredible grip strength, and expertise in wide pinching techniques. However, one of the most satisfying elements of learning to lift the blob is being able to objectively compare your grip strength to some of the best in the world.

Be a Blob All-Rounder

This training package contains an incredible amount of professional knowledge, advice, and workout strategies from Jedd Johnson. From a foreword from the legendary Richard Sorin, to an 8 week customized training program, to a huge collection of photos and video suggestions, this training package contains much more than a simple how-to guide. 

Pro Tip

Preventing your grip from slipping is useful when lifting any kind of block weights, and absolutely essential when you’re tackling the blob. Grab a pack of our Abominable Grip Powdered Chalk to use as your specialized, all-natural grip enhancer.

With your purchase you’ll gain access to a specialized 'lift the blob' training package that includes:

  • A foreword from grip strength legend Richard Sorin

  • Extensive information about types of blobs, rarity, and common blob terminology

  • An overview of best lifting techniques

  • Multiple drills, including with lighter blobs and different sizes and style of weight

  • Tips for mental stamina, measuring progress, and finding training materials

  • A tailored eight week training course for beginners

  • A list of 50 online video references

Good to Know

This training package is provided as a series of five printable pdf documents, created by Jedd Johnson. The central resource is a 100-page eBook with photos and links. Additional resources include the 8-week beginners training program, list of video links, suggestions on where to find a blob, description of extra programs, and list of recovery stretches.

After purchase, you will receive an email from the author giving you access to the downloadable pdf, which you can either access on-the-go or optionally print at home. Delivery can take up to 72 hours to arrive.