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Perform your absolute best and set new personal records with the powdered chalk grip enhancer. Made for rock climbers, gymnasts, and powerlifters, the safe and convenient gym chalk is a must have for those who need a grip boost. Combining pure ingredients with safe and easy use, the Super Powdered Chalk by Metolius is the perfect solution to slippery, sweaty hands.

Metolius Climbing Chalk

  • 100% Pure Magnesium Carbonate: Super Powdered Chalk by Metolius is made from 100% pure magnesium carbonate, protecting your hands from harmful chemical drying agents. The natural climbing chalk can be used time and time again without excessive damage to your hands.
  • Premium Grip Enhancer: Increase your gripping ability when rock climbing, during gymnastics, or when powerlifting with simple and safe gym chalk. By absorbing excess moisture from your hands and equipment, the gym chalk allows you to avoid slipping and sliding during a climb, practice, or workout.
  • Convenient Powdered Chalk: Simply reach into the bag and grab all the chalk you need with convenient powdered chalk. It can also be used to fill and refill balls of chalk or rock climbing chalk bags.
  • Simple and Safe Use: In just one easy application, experience extreme grip improvements that help you maintain a strong and sturdy grip during any and every workout. Simply apply the powdered chalk to the inside of your hands to reduce sweat and oils without harming the skin.
  • Multi-Purpose Climbing Chalk: Enhance your grip ability for every unique hobby, sport, or workout with the multi-purpose powdered chalk. Ideal for rock climbing, gymnastics, and powerlifting, the absorbent chalk allows you to perform your absolute best and set new personal records.

How Does Chalk Improve Grip?

It’s simple! The Super Powdered Chalk by Metolius is made from 100% Magnesium Carbonate. The magnesium absorbs moisture in the hands and equipment, making it easier to grip. By simply applying it to your palms, fingertips, or some equipment and reapplying when necessary, the advanced climbing chalk and gym chalk prevents excess slipping during climbs, workouts or practices!

How To Use:

  • Use the powdered chalk before and during rock climbing, intense lifting, or gymnastics
  • Cover the palms and fingertips with the grip enhancer chalk
  • Pro Tip! Store the powder in a chalk bag for convenient access during climbs or in the gym

Product Specifics:

  • Size: 4.5 oz, 9 oz, or 15 oz (127 g, 255 g, or 425 g)
  • Ingredients: 100% Magnesium Carbonate

Package Includes:

1 - 4.5 oz, 9 oz, or 15 oz bag of Super Powdered Chalk by Metolius


Can you use the powdered chalk in a chalk ball?

Yes, the Super Powdered Chalk by Metolius is great in chalk balls due to its fine powdery consistency.

How long does the gym chalk last? I want to buy a bigger bag but won’t use it very fast.

The gym chalk doesn’t necessarily expire or “go bad”. As long as you keep the stored chalk in a cool, dry place (ideally a sealed bag), then it will retain its absorbing abilities until you are ready to use it!

Can this climbing chalk be used for outdoor climbs?

Yes! The Super Powdered Chalk by Metolius is made from natural 100% Magnesium Carbonate so it won’t harm the environment. If you’d like to reduce your trace on outdoor courses, simply wipe the residual chalk off the rocks with a small brush.