Raptor Grip Series Revolving Handle

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The Raptor Grip Handle is the go-to revolving handle for professional arm wrestlers as well as anyone looking to enhance their grip strength. Compared to the other single rolling grip strength handles on the market, this is the gold standard.

The three mounting points allow you to change your angle of attack and hit your grip and fingers at different angles. If you're looking for a new tool to increase your grip strength, this is the one.

Is the Raptor Grip Series Handle the Best Rolling Grip Handle?

That is a tricky question to answer but many would say yes. Like it's big brother, the Country Crush Double Rotating Handle, it has the same battle tested minimal friction design that makes for a more challenging, and difficult, grip strength training session.

The Raptor Grip comes in multiple handle thicknesses. Starting at 1.5 inches and going all the way up to the colossal 4 inch handle. This tool is top quality and has demonstrated that it can handle some serious abuse. It is currently being used all over the world by athletes, strongmen, and grip strength enthusiasts.

Available Handle Diameters:

Baby Raptor - 1.5" Grip
Mini Raptor - 1.75" Grip
Country Crush Raptor - 2" Grip
Mega Raptor - 2.5" Grip
Monster Raptor - 3" Grip
Colossal Raptor - 4" Grip (Coming Soon)