SideWinder Pro Xtreme - Hand and Wrist Trainer

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The SideWinder Pro Xtreme is the strongest and most heavy-duty arm, wrist, and hand trainer in the Sidewinder lineup. These tools are the very best wrist trainers available and are self contained with adjustable tension. The SideWinder Pro is so versatile that it can be set to an easy tension for kids or rehabilitation and dialed all the way up to nearly immovable by the toughest of grip strength athletes. Guaranteed to maintain it's calibrated resistance level no matter how many revolutions you do. This product is also backed by an amazing Lifetime Warranty!

The 2 Inch Grip Diameter Offers The Added Benefit of Fat Grip Training

How does SideWinder sets itself apart from the competition? Simple... Controlled motion, constant tension, an exaggerated range of motion, and an unparalleled lifetime warranty. This tool will get you on your way to larger more ripped forearms and that iron grip you've been looking for.

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