How to Tear A Deck of Cards — eBook and Training Package

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Are you eager to impress strangers and friends, but nervous about being left holding a half-ripped, mangled deck of cards? Or are you just pumped to show yourself that your grip strength ranks with the best? This eBook and training package will set you up with everything you need for success, leaving you with a super strong grip and a way to show it off to everyone you meet. Buy now and get instant access so you can start taking your grip strength to the next level immediately.

Learn to perform one of the coolest and most iconic tricks in the book: ripping a full deck of 52 cards clean in half, then half again.

Jedd Johnson is a grip strength professional and the founder of Diesel Crew. He makes no secret of the fact that his goal of tearing a deck of cards in half is one of the reasons he started focusing on improving his grip strength in the first place. It's one of the classic feats of the traditional old-time strongman, and an epic trick to show off to your friends and family once you master it.

Hang on, card-tearing isn't a workout...

Sure it is! Learning to tear cards (and then actually doing it) will give you superhuman levels of hand, wrist, finger and forearm strength. Applying this amount of force increases your heart rate and your oxygen levels, just like lifting a kettle-bell. The difference is that you can't play poker with a kettle-bell.

So how do I tear a deck of cards?

With the right technique, lots of practice, and a very, very strong grip. This eBook and training package has over 40 pages of drills, as well as expert advice that can teach you the best tearing tricks and tips and exercises to build your grip strength.

Why should I choose this video training course?

Because you want to look damn cool, that's why. But as well as giving you an opportunity to show off your insanely powerful grip, card-tearing is a fun, accessible, and internationally recognized way to strengthen your hands, wrists, and upper body. A strong grip can help you with everything from sport to cycling, weightlifting to a really, really good handshake. Plus, you clearly know when you’ve achieved your goal!

Learn From the Best

This eBook and additional training package was written and created by Jedd Johnson, who’s a strength expert with over 20 years experience. Jedd has competed in a huge range of grip strength competitions, trained numerous grip strength enthusiasts and learnt his craft from some of the people with the strongest hands in the world.

Get Access to a Bounty of Card-Tearing Content

This eBook has everything you need to get started on your mission: drills, stretches, exercises and tips and tricks. But it also has a treasure-trove of awesome content, including interviews with famous card-tearing experts and a history of the sport. Discover the world of professional strength performers.

Get a Really, Really Strong Grip

Card-tearing is a super cool party trick. But it's also an amazing way to build a very, very strong grip. Lacking grip strength is one of the biggest obstacles if you want to lift heavier weights, throw further, climb higher, wrestle better or be a great all-round athlete. Who would have thought that a humble deck of cards could turn you into a human super weapon?

Pro Tip

Want to train your grip strength wherever you go, without leaving card fragments scattered like confetti in your wake? If you want to incorporate that same tearing, twisting action into your existing training routine, check out the Sidewinder Pro Xtreme Hand and Wrist Trainer. It features adjustable resistance, versatile exercises and longtime calibration, meaning you can measure your gains easily over time.

With your purchase you will gain access to a customized card tearing training package that includes:

  • A detailed eBook that covers everything you need to know to tear a deck of cards

  • The eBook contains tearing techniques, multiple drills, a tearing checklist, additional exercises and hand treatment instructions.

  • Interviews with famous card tearing experts

  • A bonus Savage Grip Training Course, showing you how to develop the upper body strength to be able to hold a mini-gun

  • A bonus explanation of everything you need to know about grip when it comes to bench pressing weights

Good to Know

This eBook and training package are provided as several digital files, which can either be downloaded individually or as a zip file. Documents include:

  • Card tearing eBook

  • Bonus savage grip eBook

  • Bonus grip considerations for the bench press video

  • Bonus Ryan Magin interview with Jedd Johnson and Joe Hashey

  • Bonus Logan Christopher and Bud Jeffries video with Jedd Johnson

After purchase, you will receive an email from the author giving you access to the videos, which you can either access on-the-go or watch from home.

Delivery can take up to 72 hours to arrive.