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If you're dedicated to setting new standards in grip strength, the IronMind® Hub is your key to unlocking peak performance thanks to its focus on pinch grip muscle engagement — an area too often neglected. Train with precision, achieve with confidence. Order now.

Precision Grip Strength Enhancement

The IronMind® Hub is engineered for athletes who demand precision and effectiveness in their grip strength training. While many tool focus on building forearm strength or hand strength when in an open position, this tool focuses on improving pinch grip strength, providing a challenging yet rewarding training experience. Described as “humbling” the IronMind® Hub will work your muscles like no other tool and show you just how much further you can take your pinch grip.

Targeted Grip Strength Improvement

The IronMind® Hub is ingeniously crafted to specifically enhance pinch grip strength. This focus is particularly beneficial if you want to gain a competitive edge in grip sport competitions or sports like rock climbing because so few tools really focus on the muscles activated when making a pinching movement. The Hub’s design is deceptively simple but it really will ensure you’re engaging the precise muscles needed for a stronger, more effective pinch grip.

Benchmark Your Progress

Incorporated into the prestigious Crushed-to-Dust! Challenge, the IronMind® Hub offers a golden opportunity to benchmark your grip strength against established standards:

  • 30 lbs represents an average level of grip strength

  • 50 lbs signifies an accomplished level, indicating significant progress and skill

  • 80 lbs is a world-class benchmark, denoting a high level of mastery in grip strength

This will not only motivate you by giving you a guide alongside which to set clear goals, it’ll also provide a tangible measure of your improvement over time. Plus, when you’re good enough, you might just have the pleasure of competing in Crushed-to-Dust!

Built to Last

Durability meets functionality with the IronMind® Hub's robust construction and crinkle finish, designed to withstand rigorous daily use while improving grip. This combination will ensure you can continuously work on your grip strength without worrying about wear and tear, making it a lasting addition to any training arsenal.

Why the IronMind® Hub is Essential for Grip Mastery

  • Specialized training: It's specifically designed for pinch grip strength, ensuring targeted muscle engagement in an area often overlooked by other tools

  • Performance benchmarking: Included in the Crushed-to-Dust! Challenge, it allows users to measure their grip strength against recognized standards, offering a clear path for progress not to mention a fun competition to aim for

  • Durability: The IronMind® Hub is an absolute solid beast that’ll last a lifetime

  • Effectiveness: A great many users come to use the IronMind® Hub because they can’t close the epic COC (Captains of Crush) grippers and find the Hub to be the tool they needed to allow them to progress their strength to that level — simply put, the IronMind® Hub just works!


Question: How often should I train with the IronMind® Hub to see improvements?
Answer: Consistency is key. Start with 2-3 times a week, allowing for rest days in between for recovery. Adjust the frequency based on your progress and comfort.

Question: Is the IronMind® Hub suitable for beginners in grip sports?
Answer: Absolutely. The IronMind® Hub is designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. It's a great tool to start building your pinch grip strength effectively.

Question: What can the IronMind® Hub offer professional grip sport athletes?

Answer: No matter how strong you are, you can use the IronMind® Hub with increasing amounts of weights to continue building your strength. The benefit of using the Hub is that it’ll work your pinch grip where many other tools you’ve been using throughout your career won’t. It’ll therefore give you an edge over your competitors.

Question: Can I use the IronMind® Hub as part of my regular workout routine?
Answer: Yes, the IronMind® Hub can be integrated into your regular workout routine. It's versatile enough to be used for warm-ups, as part of your main strength training, or as a finisher to exhaust the muscles.

Pro tip

You'll need a loading pin and carabiner to use the IronMind® Hub. If you've got them both, just grab the standalone Hub. If you don't have a loading pin, grab the standalone Hub and order a set of Country Crush loading pins because that set includes a carabiner. If you happen to have loading pins but no carabiner, we also offer a Hub and carabiner bundle.

What’s included?

We offer two options:

  • Standalone IronMind® Hub

  • An IronMind® Hub bundled with a carabiner

Good to know

  • Diameter: The hub has a 2.875-inch diameter, which is optimal for pinch grip training and accommodates a variety of hand sizes

  • Weight: It weighs 2 pounds, making it portable and easy to incorporate into various workout settings

  • Color: The hub is available in black, offering a sleek and professional look

  • Grip Surface: It features a 3-inch diameter gripping surface with a crinkle finish, enhancing the grip during training exercises

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