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Have your strength gains slowed? Maybe you've already bought a gripper but it's not doing enough for you? Get your copy of this video training course today and crush the barriers that are holding you back. Kick the frustration of no-results training and watch your grip strength skyrocket.

Whether you're getting started with gripper training, or looking for a way to maximize your gains, Jedd Johnson's video training course will help you get the most out of your hand grippers, any time, anywhere.

Whether you’re a grip athlete, arm wrestler, or just looking to improve your grip strength, training with a pair of hand grippers is an excellent way to make gains. But despite their small size and low price, hand grippers still come with the risk of injury or ineffectiveness if you don’t use good technique. Jedd Johnson is a strength expert who has been training with hand grippers for many years, and in this video training course he’ll teach you everything you need to know to dominate your grippers and crush your training goals.  

They’re just hand grippers - how much is there to know?

That’s the kind of attitude that separates the amateurs from the pros. If you’re serious about your strength training, you’ll understand the importance of correct grip, stretches, warmups, drills, programming, and isolating muscle groups. In this way, using 100 pound grippers is no different to lifting a 100 pound dumbbell. Do it properly and you’ll make great progress. Be sloppy and you risk unnecessary strain and pain.

Why should I choose this course?

In this video series, longtime grip athlete Jedd Johnson of Diesel Crew uses his expert experience to take you from understanding different grips to using a tried-and-tested, injury safe workout that’s effective for beginners and athletes alike. Discover for yourself why hand grippers are so popular among grip strength athletes!

Train Anywhere, Anytime

Small enough to fit in… Well, your hand... Hand grippers are the perfect training tool to chuck in your car, your gym bag, or even your back pocket. Once you’ve taken the time to follow this video training course, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of proper form and what goes into a good workout. Apply that knowledge anywhere and build your grip strength faster than you thought possible — no excuses!

No Pain, No Just Gain

A good training routine shouldn’t hurt. With years of experience under his belt, Jedd Johnson understands that the best way to manage injuries is to avoid them in the first place. In this video series, you’ll get a crash course in best practice for avoiding repetitive strain, incorporating warm-ups and stretches and building the muscles that keep your joints strong and pain-free.

Build Strength Even if Your Training Plateaus

Using hand grippers correctly is an excellent way to push your overall strength gains forward. Good grip strength is essential for being able to lift heavier weights, so if your progress starts to falter in any way then it’s time to focus on your grip. Effective hand gripper training can get you through a rut and crashing out the other side, continuing your strength gains and overcoming the frustration caused by too many stagnant personal bests.

Pro Tip

Don’t have a gripper of your own yet? Our Heavy Grips Hand Grippers come in six different resistance weights ranging from 100 to 350 pounds, so you can find a strength that fits your specific skill level. Grab one on our online store.

Plus if you’re looking for a tailored gripper training program that will give you incredible strength gains in only eight weeks, just add Jedd’s Cadence Based Training Package to your cart along with this video course.

With your purchase you will gain access to a customized hand gripper training video course that includes:

Twelve Training Videos

Content Includes:

  • Injury prevention including effective warmups

  • Types of gripper and how to choose and set your own

  • R.O.M-specific training

  • Thumb and last two finger training

  • Advanced training methods and sample workout

  • Common training myths and mistakes

Vimeo Access

Once you purchase your course access, you'll be given the ability to watch your unlocked content online through Vimeo, meaning that you can up-skill from anywhere at any time — at home or in the gym.

Good to Know

This strength training course consists of twelve videos, created and presented by Jedd Johnson. Each video is up to half an hour long, and can be watched online from anywhere via Vimeo.

After purchase, you will receive an email from the author giving you access to the videos, which you can either access on-the-go or watch from home.

Delivery can take up to 72 hours to arrive.