Strength Training Book: My Oldtime Strongman Training by Robert “Eisenhans” Spindler

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Are you eager to impress friends and strangers with your new-found strength, but feeling a bit stage-shy? Or are you struggling to find motivation in your training? Robert Spindler's oldtime strongman training manual puts a new spin on a historic tradition and will leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way, both mental and physical. Buy a copy now.

Learn how to use the traditional strength training methods and mental stamina of the oldtime strongman, and apply your knowledge to modern grip strength challenges.

The feats of the oldtime strongman are still incredible today, a hundred years after they became popular. This strength training book will teach you to channel your inner strongman and use traditional training techniques to build impressive muscles and perform astounding acts. This strength training book is not like other grip strength manuals. It focuses on the golden era of the strongman — think the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Author and renowned strongman Robert “Eisenhans” Spindler will teach you how the traditional training methods, nutrition and mental stamina of these powerful athletes can help you in all areas of your grip strength journey. Whether you're aiming to build muscle, develop a brutal grip, or learn some incredible feats of strength to show-off, this is a unique training guide from an iconic strongman.

Harness The Golden Era of The Strongman

This unique strength training book will teach you how to use traditional methods to get real results. With it in your arsenal, you will:

Discover the Art of Strength: Sure, grip strength is a competitive sport and a highly useful skill. But the oldtime strongmen turned strength into something else — a work of art. This approach to grip strength training can show you how to use your own feats of strength and mental grit to amaze others. Whether you're an athlete or a beginner, this no-insecurities approach to your own abilities is a game-changer.

Build Incredible Muscles: One quality of the traditional strongman is that you can SEE their strength. If you want a head-turning physique, this training manual will teach you the correlation between looking strong and being strong, and show you how to build muscle mass as well as skill.

Learn from a Champion: The author of this book, Robert “Eisenhans” Spindler, has over twenty years of experience in strength sports, with ten years spent on stage as a performing strongman. He is a two-time Austrian powerlifting champion, a British grip champion, has lifted the Dinnie Stones and the Inver Stone, can bend horseshoes at an international level, and is able to lift more than 100kg with his teeth. Safe to say you're in good hands (and teeth).

Impress Your Friends: You don't want to stand alone in your kitchen crushing potatoes with your palms or ripping up phone books. You want to impress and amaze your friends! As well as giving you all the techniques you need to master many incredible feats of strength, this training book focuses on the mental and performance aspects of impressing an audience using just your mind and your muscles.

Use your Grip to Dominate: There's very few sports or fitness activities that don't require a strong grip, and the traditional training techniques demonstrated in this book can be applied to all areas of your life. Classic strongman training isn't just for performances; it can help you dominate in arm wrestling, rock climbing, martial arts, weightlifting or whatever you set your mind to.

Pro Tip

You might think a classic strongman's best friend is a huge dumbbell or a ready-to-bend cast iron pan. But there's one thing you'll be using ALL THE TIME when you train, no matter what feat of strength you're tackling - a big bag of powdered chalk. Whether you're lifting a horse, bending a bicycle or pulling a car, grab some from our online store to make sure your Hulk-like grip isn't ruined by your sweaty palms.

What Do I Get With This Book?

In this book, champion strongman Robert “Eisenhans” Spindler takes you through the golden age of strength performances, and teaches you how to apply traditional training methods to modern scenarios. Topics include:

  • Discover different feats of strength that are tailored for you

  • Achieving success in stone lifting, steel bending, grip strength, teeth strength, and more

  • Understand the correlation between looking strong and being strong

  • Why people today are insecure about their nutrition and what to do about it

  • How to perform feats of strength in front of an audience

  • How to design an oldtime strongman show

  • The role of mental strength in strongman feats

And more. If you want to impress your friends with your size, skills, strength and stamina, and overcome the mental hurdles that come with strength training, it's time to get in touch with your inner oldtime strongman.

Good to Know

  • This training manual is a paperback book that’s 235 pages long

  • First published on the 16th July 2020

  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.59 x 9 inches

  • ISBN-13: 979-8654211651

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