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Are you eager to show the world that you rank among the best for your grip strength? Don't want to waste time with ineffective training, and risk defeat on the big day? This video training course is an investment that will help you achieve your dreams. Get your copy today and start thinking of the quiet 'clink' of metal when you finally close those grippers.

Grip strength expert, Jedd Johnson, and hand gripper specialist, Paul Knight, team up to teach you how to train for certification on a No. 3 gripper.

This video course is for grip strength athletes who are familiar with the correct use of hand grippers as a training tool. Hopefully you've already completed Jedd Johnson's Total Gripper Domination Video Training Course, and the Cadence Based Training Package. Now, you're ready to get competitive and start training for one of the hand gripper Holy Grails — official certification for closing a No. 3 gripper.

Why would I want to get certified?

Let's be honest, if you're reading this you've probably dreamed about it already. In 2021, only one grip athlete from the USA managed to gain certification for closing a No. 3 Captains of Crush gripper. The list of strongmen who’ve earned this badge of honor is short and elite. But it's not an impossible feat, and with the proper dedication and training you might be the next athlete to join the halls of glory.

Why should I choose this No. 3 gripper certification course?

This video course gives you not one, but two expert coaches —  grip expert Jedd Johnson of Diesel Crew and hand gripper athlete Paul Knight —  who’ll talk you through the best possible training methods for achieving this feat, and take you through the nitty-gritty details of competitive gripper work that only the pros know.

Get Expert Understanding of Sets

When you’re reaching this upper echelon of grip athletes, making your sets efficient is crucial. In this series you’ll be shown good technique for credit card sets, learn how to build set-specific strength, and how to use changing tension to enhance the set.

Learn From Champions

In 2003, grip strength professional Jedd Johnson gained certification for closing the Captain of Crush No. 3 grippers. In 2010, grip athlete Paul Knight did the same. In the same year, Paul went on to gain certification on the No. 3.5 grippers, making him one of only 20 in the world. With their combined knowledge and coaching experience, you’ll be learning from the absolute best.

Join the halls of greatness

Every year, grip athletes from around the world line up to attempt certification closing the notoriously difficult Captains of Crush grippers. Achieving this feat is an internationally recognized benchmark of a powerful grip. By now, you’ll understand the mental benefits of working towards a clear goal, and the exponential strength gains you can make along the way. So what are you waiting for? Get training!

Pro Tip

If you're ready to tackle this challenge, you'll hopefully already have your hands wrapped around a pair of Heavy Duty Hand Grippers. But don't forget —  when you're training your grip to retract like this, it's a great habit to also pair those exercises with hand extensions to keep your muscles evenly built and reduce injuries. Grab a Gripsaver Plus Extension and Flex Trainer for a well-balanced workout.

With your purchase you’ll gain access to a hand gripper certification training video course that includes:

Twelve Training Videos

Content Includes:

  • Beginner training

  • Set technique and building set-specific strength

  • Benefits of block vs. card training

  • Using tension to make your sets more efficient

  • Training techniques and methods

  • Extra tips and overview of gripper ratings

Vimeo Access

Once you purchase your course access, you'll be given the ability to watch your unlocked content online through Vimeo, meaning that you can up-skill from anywhere at any time — at home or in the gym.

Good to Know

This strength training course consists of twelve videos, created and presented by Jedd Johnson alongside Paul Knight. Each video is up to 13 minutes long, and can be watched online from anywhere via Vimeo.

After purchase, you will receive an email from the author giving you access to the videos, which you can either access on-the-go or watch from home.

Delivery can take up to 72 hours to arrive.